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When you have the need to clean and maintain the beauty of your floors, how do you determine who can provide you with the best tile and grout cleaning service In Kitchener?


Car-Michael Cleaning is Waterloo Region’s Leader In Grout Restoration!

We pride ourselves
on our service, but most importantly, our ongoing commitment to educate and consult our clientele! We also expect the same of management and technicians, constantly educating ourselves through IICRC Certifications as well as working with a vast network of Pro Cleaners. We travel North America attending regular industry presentations, tradeshows and workshops! Learning from the best in the industry enabling us to bring the best in flooring maintenance to our customers!


Try Grout Colour Sealing!

Grout Colour Sealing is a different sealer than your local hardware store product. Clear sealers for the most part have more disadvantages than advantages. Finally there is a better option!

Clear Seal Disadvantages!

1. It won’t change the colour of your grout if it is already discoloured!

2. Very strong toxic vapors and fumes!

3. It doesn’t last very long! (2-5yrs)

4. Now you need harsh alkalines and strippers to remove old seal and start again!

5. Now your stuck in a vicious cycle of stripping and sealing every 5yrs or so with potentially toxic chemicals!

6. $$$$$ It get’s expensive quick because it’s only a temporary solution!

7. You need to stay off the tile for up to 8hrs!

Advantages to Grout Colour Sealing!

1. It will change the colour of your grout, making all of the grout even in colour!

2. It is made with concrete and urethane hardeners as well as milducides so no mould can grow on it!

3. No harmfull fumes/chemicals!

4. It is the only long term GREEN solution! Lasting between 10-20 years with proper maintenance!

5. No need for any harsh strippers because it never needs stripping!

6. Maintenance is easy to do yourself!

7. We can maintain your floors for you for a very low annual investment!

8. It makes the grout waterproof and stain proof! By creating a barrier it cuts off airflow to kill all bacteria and eliminate odors

With the launch of our website, we have incorporated client concerns and questions regarding their carpet and tile investment and how to maintain and protect it for years to come! On the site, you can research the methodology behind professional tile and grout cleaners in Kitchener as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning tips In Kitchener, Ontario, including “emergency remedies” that will assist you, when faced with the unexpected.

We have also incorporated a blog to our site, that will provide you with additional information, consistently updating you on the latest and most effective ways (with impressive results) to care for that investment and to assist you in keeping it beautiful!

Since we believe “seeing is believing” we have created a video library as well to provide you with “before and after” footage of some of the projects we have worked on. Dirty grout will easily absorb odour and stains – even with regular tile & grout cleaning It will become uneven in colour as the porous grout will absorb the dirty mop water!

This can lead to pitting, cracking and eventually replacement of your grout. – a costly endeavour indeed. Carmichael Cleaning has the knowledge and experience to help you maintain your tile investment and is able to transform what was once dull and lifeless tile & grout- to new and fresh!

We can “Put a smile on your tile!”

At Carmichael Cleaning, we pride ourselves not only on our level of expertise in being your first choice for grout cleaners in Kitchener but the extension of our business philosophy and practice through the staff that we employ. Our technicians are put through an extensive training program and our regular staff meetings enable us to address, as a team, the needs and concerns of our clients which enables us to remain current and up to date with any new or different issues that may arise.

We demand perfection from our staff, not only in procedure based knowledge, but enhanced customer service skills that make your experience with Carmichael Cleaning, the best the industry has to offer! We focus on the three “P’s” – Punctual – Professional – Polite! We want to exceed your expectations and provide you with the confidence that the job will be done and done right! We exceed your expectations!

So If you want the best Tile & Grout Cleaning In Kitchener call us today! 519-208-8533

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All sealers should be applied by a properly trained professional. If applied incorrectly your brand new sealed floor could be your worst nightmare. With Grout Color Sealing it is “The Perfect Seal” You can change your grout to match any colour you wish and you never have to strip and re-seal it ever again.

Our Colour Sealer creates a durable layer of protection that prevents dirt and spills from absorbing into your grout. Then it creates a long-lasting barrier, that makes every day spills easy to clean up. Your grout color is sealed in and dirt and stains are sealed out.