The REAL Reason Your Tile, Grout, & Floor Get So Dirty

Here’s Why it Got So Dirty…

Mopping is the primary problem. Yes, mopping and cleaning should be done regularly. But the cleaning has to be done properly. The biggest mistake is using TOO MUCH floor cleaner with no rinse. Believe it or not, too much floor detergent causes a build up that actually makes your floors look dirtier.

Rinse your floor! Every second or third cleaning, you should clean your floors with pure water. Avoid vinegar or acidic products

because they can break down any sealants and eat away your grout.

What about your dirty grout?

Those little lines between your tile can be difficult, if not near impossible, to mop thoroughly. The grout lines dip down below the tile, which causes your mop to never come in contact with the grout. Using a brush to clean in the grout lines may be required for severe soil build up. However, brushing each grout line can be VERY time consuming. One alternative is using a floor machine that’s designed to brush the tile and extract the dirty water. This can be more beneficial than mopping.

How to Keep Your Tile and Grout Sparkling Clean

The best preventative measure to help your grout clean up easily is to have a professional grout sealer applied. This is something that “should” be done immediately after installation, however, most tile installers don’t do it for you. The lack of grout sealer and improper grout sealer is a BIG reason why grout gets so dirty.

The important thing is to have your tile and grout deep cleaned BEFORE the sealer is applied so the dirt is NOT trapped under the sealer. When we clean your tile, we use a high-pressure hot water system that completely rinses and extracts the soils into a holding tank in our machine. This leaves your grout sparkling clean.

Try Grout Colour Sealing!

Grout Colour Sealing is a different sealer than your local hardware store product. Clear sealers for the most part have more disadvantages than advantages. Finally there is a better option!

You’ll get sparkling clean tile and grout and vinyl floors when we deep clean with our high-pressured extraction system.  Call 519-208-8533 today FREE estimate.

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