Pet Urine Stain and Odor Removal Kitchener


We use ONE product + ONE application + ONE hour = urine stains and odors gone!    

  • Breakthrough technology from ProRestore Products – no one else has this one-of-a-kind formulation!
  • Completely eliminates odors from urine, feces and wet animals odors
  • Effectively wipes out staining from pet urine
  • Use it on virtually any surface – carpet and upholstery, plus hard porous surfaces (e.g., concrete, wood, plywood, natural stones, grout, quarry tile, bricks, etc.)

Easy to use!    

  • Saturate affected area including padding and underlayment
  • Let dwell for one hour
  • Deep extract using cold or warm tap water

Car-Michael Cleaning uses The Water Claw FlashSpotter Sub-Surface Spot Lifting Tool A New Revolution In Spotting Tools! If you are looking for a way to effectively remove spots and stains and eliminate spotting wick-back. The FlashSpotter will help you effectively extract the spilled solution from the carpet, backing, and the pad. The FlashSpotter is ideal for dealing with pet urine, large liquid spills, soap residues, food spills and more. It allows for sub-surface extraction from the carpet pad up, which allows you to use greater quantities of your favorite spotter or pet odor solution. It allows you to take complete advantage of powder oxidizing pet odor and stain treatment


water claw 2

Urine stain and odour treatment


“A small wet/dry vac would be an asset for any carpet emergency”

Step 1 Use a few wet towels and run it under cold water, wring them out so they are just damp. “Tamp” area which means to blot or absorb as much of the spot as possible. Keep in mind the spot on the surface may only be half the size of the spot in the padding so treat an area 50% bigger than the spot.

Step 2 Pour a small amount of water on area starting from the outside working your way in and let stand for about a minute. Suck it up with a wet/dry vac or keep “tamping” area. Repeat as many times as needed to get as much of the spot up as possible. Using the Poultice Method put something heavy like books, canned food or stand on it. keep a heavy weight on it for as long as possible. TIP: Put layer of tin foil or plastic wrap to protect books of other things that might get saturated.

Step 3 Spray or saturate with small amount of diluted enzyme. This will break down the stain into their basic elements and eliminating the compounds and proteins that create the odours. Follow the instructions on the bottle or make a simple solution your self using brown sugar and orange peels. Repeat the Poultice method (Step 2) as many times as needed then use a fan to dry.

Step 4 CALL US RIGHT AWAY! The sooner we can treat the stain the better chance we have of success.


A normal professional carpet cleaning will only clean the carpet and not the backing or padding. Therefore it only removes about 50% and during the drying process the moisture will evaporate causing what we call in the industry “wicking” of the spot back to the surface. So it is not uncommon for this to happen with not only urine stains but also spills and drinks. Berber or Olefin fiber is the worst for spots to “wick” or resurface due to the nature of the fiber.



There are 4 key steps for proper urine treatments.

Step one- Carpet and pad are saturated with an Eco-Friendly cleaner, deodorizer and enzyme solution.

Step two- Sub surface extraction is performed.

Step 3- Carpet and pad are saturated with rinse solution.

Step 4- Sub surface extraction is performed.

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Pet urine treatment

Pet urine treatment