Merry Christmas from The Car-Michael Cleaning Team

This time of year we’d like to stop and reflect on all the blessings sent our way.

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You are at the top of our list!

Thank you for your business this year.  It’s great people like you who keep us doing what we do.

Without your business and referrals there would be no Car-Michael Cleaning.

We wish you the happiest holiday season.

The Car-Michael Cleaning Team

P.S.  This is our busiest time of the year.  We want to give you our best appointment options, but you MUST call early.  We suggest you call one to two weeks in advance.  Mention this post and  we’ll give you FREE  deodorizer for carpet or a FREE bottle neutral cleaner for tile.

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Top 10 List to Assure Your Home is Fresh and Clean

10.  Visitors notice your floors first, so make sure any stains are removed from carpet and rugs.
9.   Use scented candles or Scentsy fragrance.  It won’t eliminate odors, but helps to apply a pleasant fragrance.
8.   Vacuum your carpet twice before guests arrive.
7.   Make sure pet odor spots have been treated.
6.  Pay attention to traffic lanes if they need refreshing.
5.   Have tile and vinyl floor deep cleaned so they sparkle.
4.   Freshen up upholstery with cleaning.
3.  Get entry rugs cleaned.
2. Have fabric protector applied to ALL carpet & upholstery in case accidents happen.
1.  Call early for a cleaning appointment- booking FAST.