DYI Candle Wax Removal

a wax spill on a carpet is mess in a league of its own. However, you shouldn’t let the fond memories of your candlelight dinners be tainted with the frustration of dealing with wax stains. Hot wax, when spilled on your carpet, seeps into the fabric of the carpet like any other liquid. As it solidifies, it becomes embedded into the fibers of the carpeting. The soft, slippery and sticky texture of the wax makes it seemingly impossible to get it out. No amount of unplanned, coarse effort will take that wax stain out of your carpet. But with a little strategy, not only can you remove candle wax from carpet fast and easy, but you can also restore the condition of your carpet.

After removing the caked-on bulk of the wax, you can lift off the remaining wax using the heat from an iron. The heat melts the wax. The melted wax then gets absorbed into a paper towel. Using a white paper towel prevents further staining of the carpet.

  • Preheat your iron on a high heat setting. If your iron has a steam feature, turn it off.
  • Put a white paper towel over the wax stain.
  • Place the hot iron over the paper towel for 10 seconds. Melted wax will get absorbed into the paper towel.
  • Discard the paper towel and place a fresh paper towel over the wax stain. Again, heat the paper towel for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this step, using a fresh paper towel every time, until the paper towel comes up clean after being heated.
  • Put a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.
  • Lightly dab at the stain with the soaked cotton ball until the stain is removed.
  • Vacuum the carpet to get rid of the frayed look that may result from the cleaning process. This will also remove any remaining traces of wax loosened by the rubbing alcohol.